The weather’s coming.  We know it is.  With vivid memories of the longevity and harshness of Winter 2014, I am thrilled to be armed this year with the first-ever weather boot from The Frye Company.  Made from recycled tires and fully lined in shearling, put Uggs and a Hunter boot in a blender, you come up with this stylish gear!


frye engineer weather boot




Food glorious food.  It wouldn’t be a 10 THINGS TO LOVE post without some yummy things.  First we start with the Caviar app.  We New York City dwellers have hundreds of fabulous restaurants to pick from each and every time we go out for lunch or dinner.  The Caviar app brings some of those restaurants to your door. Examples? Company pizza.  Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Red Farm Chinese, Second Avenue Deli, Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, EN Brasserie to name a few.  My accountant may have a problem with my dining line item this year.






I read on Eater NY  that Mr. David Chang had found the combination to the perfect fried chicken sandwich.  He would call it “Fuku”.  It would be available in limited numbers on limited days.  Subsequent around-the-block lines BUT THEN… I found a listing for it on Caviar one day while looking for lunch options.  I thought I’d give it a whirl to see if it delivered well.  I enlisted Kailey, here at HAAN PROJECTS, to join me in the taste survey.  Well… it’s on here, isn’t it?! I LOVED IT!  The hot sauce, seasoning, bun, perfect pickles and the JUICIEST CHICKEN…  it was really an 11 on a 10 point scale!



fuku sandwich





I love my Adidas Superstars.  First appearing in 1969, they have never gone out of style.  I always wanted a pair, but they were too wide for my narrow feet.  Then, a friend told me I had to get the youth size, and I immediately bought and fell in love with them!  Thanks Mary Helen!



adidas superstar




I love Mrs. Meyer’s home products. I’m pretty obsessed with the new-ish Bluebell scent.  Anything they make with it… hand soap, dish soap, I have to have it!



mrs. meyer's clean day bluebell hand soap




I’m a sucker for beautiful lyrics, a haunting melody, an arresting voice.  So, a day late, Happy Birthday to Mr. Damien Rice.  His last album came out a year ago, but it only found its way to me last week.  I can’t get the title track out of my head.   I love it.






It’s the time of year to be thankful and count your blessings.  This movie is my first step.  A bit of schmaltz here and there, but it’s existential metaphysics wrapped in a black and white delight.



it's a wondeful life




I’m lucky enough to live around the corner from one of the best-ever gift stores.  The store is called “This is Story” in West Chelsea.  It changes theme and merchandise about every 8 weeks or so. They turn it out for the holidays!  It’s so well curated.  Sadly, you can’t shop online, but if you find yourself in NYC, pass by!  You’ll love it!


this is story




Dominique Ansel opened a bakery in the West Village.  I was having lunch around the corner (that will be in next month’s post) and thought I’d check out what they were selling.  No cronuts, but I didn’t mind.  I’ve never had a cinnamon roll as delicious as this.  I’m counting the seconds until I have another!


dominque ansel cinnamon roll




Missy Elliott rocks!!!  I love this song.  I love this video!