1.  We love our pets.  They fill you with joy joy joy joy joy.  This is Jasper Jeffrey Valentine, my not quite five-month-old Bouvier des Flandres.  He gets to bet #1 on the list!


 jasper jeffrey valentine



2.  After the toughest winter in recent memory… I love the warm beautiful sun!  Happy Summer!!!!!


sun shining down from a clouded sky




3.  What can I say about the Chikalicious Cafe Sticky Toffee pudding, apart from I LOVE YOU.  It is quite literally sweet perfection!


chikalicious sticky toffee pudding



4.  Adam Lippes made the world’s most glorious coat for Resort 15.  I probably tried it on 10 times during our Pre-Spring appointments.  Sadly, I’ll have to wait until the fall to actually wear it.


adam lippes resort 15 #3



5.  This has got to be the best mascara.  I used to buy a Christian Dior one, but they discontinued it.  This one by Lancôme is best one I’ve tried since.  It doesn’t straighten your lashes nor does it clump.


lancome virtuose



6.  This Céline bag has got to be one of the best bags I own.  It’s perfect for work!  One of my favorite editors had it in dove gray… so I ran off to Kirna Zabête and got one in loden green.  It was worth every hard-earned penny!




7.  The Sports Club at Chelsea Piers is probably the only way to love a gym.  They have the best of everything, including the best yoga teacher I’ve ever met.  They make putting in the time easy!


sports club at chelsea piers



8.  MOMOFUKU CHINESE SAUSAGE CASHEW NOODLES… in all caps for a reason.  Every time it’s ordered, they are instructed to let you know that it is crazily spicy…  and every time I tell them, I can’t wait.  It will scorch your mouth, but the balance between red hot sausage, candied cashews, fresh spinach and cold noodles… is so astounding that I want to eat it once a week!


momofuku chinese sausage cashew noodles



9.  The heralding of summer is announced by a perfectly chilled bottle of rosé.  This one is a favorite, but anything from Provence I usually love!


chateau montaud rose



10.  And ending on an animal note, this is the second straight year that a mourning dove pair has put down a nest.  Thanks for choosing our flower box!


mourning dove family