Ancient Greek Sandals are the best sandals that ever landed on my feet.  They were a gift from my insanely talented stylist friend, Tiina Laakkonen.  Can’t thank her enough or Christina Martini for having such an amazing collection.  They made the list before… but I hadn’t worn a pair… I simply love them even more now!

ancient greek sandals





I will say that I don’t love a cold… and I love a summer cold even less.  But a full day on the couch on Memorial day… fever and all… watching Arrested Development is the most pleasurable way to suffer!  I LOVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.  I’m a quoter of season’s past without shame.  I will re-watch season 4 to better understand all of its hilarity.   The character names, the ridiculous situations, their outrageous lines…  thank you to all involved!!!!!



arrested development




Star Trek Into Darkness is summer movie perfection….  It was a roller coaster ride with popcorn!


star trek into darkness




Oh…. aging…  we are friends for now.  I try, with as much grace as I can muster, to keep calm and carry on where aging is considered.  Shiseido Pure Retinol Mask has become a favorite to make my skin glisten!   You can find it a Sephora… link below.



shiseido pure retinol mask




The Neue Galerie is one of my most favorite places in NYC!  I love Sucession art… furniture…  Egon Schiele.  The mansion is so stunning… a perfectly contemplative and serene place to see beautiful art.



neue galerie





… and you can’t go to the Neue Galerie without eating at Cafe Sabarsky.  Lunch… coffee and dessert…. whatever you order, you’ll leave feeling full and inspired.



cafe sabarsky desert table




People go on and on about Maybelline’s Great Lash, but I love Maybelline Lash Discovery.  It has a micro-brush and makes your lashes long and natural looking.  It’s a make-up bag favorite!



maybelline lash discovery





Googamooga was a blast!  I went by bicycle with Alyssa from HAAN PROJECTS.  Even though the rain decided it had to come to Googamooga too, we still ate our faces off and had a blast!









This song by Teddy Thompson sends me.  Loved it the first time I heard it!


teddy thompson





Summer Fridays… a second year in a row… making the 10 THINGS TO LOVE list!



summer hours