1.   I saw The Alabama Shakes in concert in early June.  They played at an outdoor venue… exactly the right place to see them on a warm, summer night.  I loved the show!  Their music is rooted in classic R & B but has a sound uniquely their own.  The new album, Sound and Color, has been my summer soundtrack thus far!  What a blast with my brother and his girlfriend!


alabama shakes in concert



2.  Summer Sundays = Blueberry pancakes.  Fat, plump blueberries in season are great in yogurt, on cereal, in pies, but my favorite would be pancakes!  Come by on Sunday… there is a 100% chance I’ll be at the stove flipping these babies.


blueberry pancakes



3.  Summer reading is the best way to laze about on a warm day when you can find the time!  I’m knee-deep in reading a fellow Hoosier, Kurt Vonnegut.  I’ve read Slaughterhouse 5 and Bluebeard.  Not in recent memories have I read such an comically intelligent writer who slaloms through a tale, keeping the reader enthralled all the way.


slaughterhouse 5



4.  The YSL Tribute Sandal is perfection.  It’s amazing when a brand finds the combination to unlock something that is so universally coveted.  This sandal makes your legs look inches longer and is the perfect shoe for a myriad of looks.  No wonder YSL has been producing them for years.  As well they should!  If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


ysl tribute sandal



5.  My new 2nd favorite burger (after Husk, of course).  The Happiest Hour Burger.  Oh lord is it good.  It’s the perfect balance of burger-accoutrements (pickles, shaved lettuce, sauce) and burger (two patties with melted american cheese).  Had mine with the beloved Champagne of Beers (Miller Genuine High Life… love that name).  Sprint, don’t walk!


the happiest hour burger



Resort 16.  It’s resort time… and probably one of my favorite seasons.  I do love Spring collections, but Resort I find has a bit more variety, since it’s offered the longest in retail.  So here are a few things I loved.


6.  Christopher Kane


christopher kane resort 16 #19christopher kane resort 16 #25


















7.  Gucci


gucci resort 16 #37

gucci resort 16 #28



















8.  Isa Arfen


isa arfen resort 16 #15

isa arfen resort 16 #8



















9.  MSGM

msgm resort 16 #39

msgm resort 16 #36




















10.  Rosie Assoulin

rosie assoulin resort 16 #31

rosie assoulin resort 16 #16