Summer is raging in NYC as we enter September.  The best way to stay cool with long hair is a bun… high or low, no matter.  These hair pins are my favorite.  They were given to me by one of my best friends for a recent birthday, and I use them like mad.  I love them!


bobby pins




I’ve always loved doo wop music, as does my nephew, Stephen.  He told me this was his favorite doo wop song only 3 days before the actual blue moon this past July 31st.  Sooooooo, I’ve been singing it for weeks, much to the chagrin of those around me.





I’ve been going to Lake Michigan my entire life.  My parents have a beach cottage atop a dune overlooking the Big Lake, as they call it in Pentwater, MI.  It’s one of the loveliest place around.  Soft dune sand and crystal clear water.  It’s been a love of my life.


lake michigan




In Hart, Michigan, just a few miles south of Pentwater, there is a farm market called Renhack’s.  Michigan has the most amazing produce.  My family did a taste test this summer of sweet corn from this market and another nearby farm.  Renhack’s won hands down.  They don’t just have the best corn.   Here are a few things you’ll find on their farm: tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, peaches, cherries, blueberries, and loads of wonderful jams and preserves.   I also buy dried cherries for the world’s best granola recipe I got from the Wall Street Journal Off Duty section.


renhack orchards market




So about The Wall Street Journal Off Duty section.  What can I say…  I’m a huge fan.  The editors do such an amazing job culling fashion, food, decorating, technology… basically culture-at-large.  I came back from vacation with 4 issues to devour.  I read each section cover to cover, clipping a few recipes here and there.  The fashion team, headed by Meenal Mistry, is the best.


wall street journal off duty





I almost always have a knitting project going.  A stuffed bunny for my sister’s baby on the way was my latest.  Now that it’s done, I go to my default project – socks.  They are so much fun to knit, and fit easily into your lap for long flights, which I have coming up for the SS 16 RTW shows in Paris.  I’ve only kept one pair I knit because I love giving them as gifts.  This pair will be neon pink and purple, which everyone knows I love!!


neon now sock yarn




I bought a pair of Madewell Flea Market Flares.  Ooo, love them!  I love the silhouette of a fitted top tucked into the high-waisted, slimming flares.  The wash is great too.  Sadly I had to wait a while to get them (they were sold out in my size), but I finally got them and they are in heavy rotation.


madewell flea market flares




I have the great fortune of living very near to Cookshop.  They have a cucumber soda that the manager was obsessed with… and now I am.  I ordered a case online, and I’ll say I paid a pretty penny for it.  The soda has the perfect amount of sweet and is ideal for the summer.  Feel free to add vodka for an evening cocktail!


mr. q cumber soda




There’s a Birkenstock revival at the moment, but I must say, I’m partial to the Mephisto “Helen” sandal.  I have a pair in gold and think they are wonderful!


gold mephisto sandals




I’ll end this month’s post with a childhood love that has stayed with me throughout my life.  I love to swing.  The best is a tree swing.  For adults, they can go much higher than a playground swing that’s really calibrated for a child.  No shame!



tree swing