1.  I’ve done a few posts about my love for football and certain players in particular (Go Peyton), but I’m LOVE/HATING this fashion fantasy football league I joined this season.  It’s a devilish prospect picking your line-up each week.  You can pick a great player that has been on a roll… then the week you start him, he tanks.  I’m also mildly competitive, so watching week to week as I surge ahead then fall behind is unnerving to say the very least.  It sure adds another fun layer to the game… which I love!



fantasy football


2.  With colder climes arriving… I love these Frye shearling boots.  They are so warm and toasty, as I can recall from last year’s century-long winter.  Sad it’s coming but happy as ever to have great boots!


frye valerie shearling lace up



3.  Cooler weather means the holidays are coming too.  I became obsessed with Ghirardelli peppermint bark several years back.  It’s only sold around the holidays, and I buy bag after bag.  Not one to love white chocolate, I adore these little squares of yummy.  Don’t judge me if you see me in line at Duane Reade with 6 bags.



ghirardelli peppermint bark




4.  I love this ceramic coffee cup disguised as a paper one.  I received it as a gift, and it quickly became a favorite.  It has a silicone lid so it’s very comfortable to sip from.  I loved it so much, I found them online and gifted it to a friend.  Spread the love!


i am not a paper cup



5.  I’m an Apple girl.  I saw a bumper sticker at TekServe here in NYC that said “Friends don’t let friends buy P.C.’s.”   So while I don’t line up to be the first to have a new gadget, I do love the iPhone 6.  It’s just the right size, it works much better than previous iterations and superficially, I think it looks very chic .


iPhone 6



6.  A nice long bath is a delight indeed.  I can’t say how much I love the bath bombs made by Lush, (though I just did!).  My favorite is Avobath.  It has the perfect citrus scent and leaves my skin so soft.  I leave them in my dresser as a bonus sachet!


lush avobath bomb



7.  I got a pair of Madewell Skinny Skinny pants in black.  Oh lord are they soft.  They are the perfect crop.  I wish I had 10 pairs.  AND they make you look skinny!


madewell skinny skinny



8.  This Japanese salad dressing, Red Shell Miso dressing, was first given to me by my mother.  It’s so good that I think I had a salad for lunch every day for more than two weeks.  There is a lovely sweet tang that I just love.


red shell japanese miso dressing



9.  Gift time coming up.  One of the best stores for gift shopping is Story NYC.  It is a store that rotates its merchandise based on a given theme.  I’ve given the best things from there!  Sadly or happily, whichever way you want to see it, I almost always find something to throw in for myself.  This last spree, the most delicious-scented pine candle in beautiful emerald-green glass.  Here’s a link…


Story NYC



10.  I apologize for the poor quality of this video, but I love to laugh.  I’ll find any outlet possible to fulfill this love.  When I’m having a particularly poor day, I go to and type “belly laugh” in the search window.  Never been disappointed yet.   Enjoy!