I’ve got traveling on my mind.  I’m heading out for the Milan and Paris SS 17 shows.  This world is such a kaleidoscope of colors, sights, tastes and sounds, people, culture and delights.  How to get to it all in a lifetime for those of us who were born adventurers… it boggles the mind.   I thought I’d post 10 places I’ve loved.



My first love.  My one.  My only.  New York City.  Since my days on Washington Square Park as an NYU student, NYC has been my home.  And I shower it with love from my West Chelsea perch, as I bike through the streets and give it the pound of flesh it asks of its denizens.





The first trip I took out of the country was for a three-week trip to Ireland with my Ireland-born best friend, Sarah.  We are still best friends, and my love for that beautiful island will never diminish.





Paris.  Enough said.





I had the great fortune of taking a thrilling end-of-the-year trip to Cambodia several years back.  Two friends gave us all the amazing gift of a day in a helicopter traveling to various ruins throughout the country – a trip by car that would have taken days.  My computer melted down, and I lost all of my pictures and videos, but the memories, on my highlight reel of life, are mine forever.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Thank you Graham and Candace!






I love an island getaway.  One that has the sound of lush surf, warm days and pleasant nights.  My twin sister and I took a special “us-only” trip to Turks and Caicos.  Grace Bay, in a private villa, was perfect.  Of the two weeks, we only dined out a time or two.  We laughed, swam, cooked, read, rested. What’s not to love?





Marrakesh blew me away.  The crossroads of cultures.  I loved everything about it.  The people, food, markets, my amazing guide Mohamed.  It was a feast for the senses.


Version 2




There is no other place on earth like Venice.  This photo is exactly what canal after canal looks like.  It’s an enigmatic wonder, mysterious and beautiful. It’s a place to wander and get lost.  Every turn is stunning.






There is something so elegant and earnest about Copenhagen.  The food is unparalleled.   I love to think of becoming an expat in many of the places I’ve visited, Copenhagen was one most definitely.







I had an absolute blast in Budapest a few years ago on a last minute New Year’s trip.  There was so much to love.  I stayed at the amazing Brody House and ate like a champion.  Walking through a city filled with a rich yet harrowing history was an unforgettable experience.  The Dohany Great Synagogue was so exquisite and is home to one of the most beautiful monuments to those who perished in WWII that I’ve seen. Called the Tree of Life, each delicate willow leaf has the name of someone whose life was taken.









Home, I won’t look any further than our own backyard, Dorothy.  The glorious dune, beach and body of water is where my heart and family are.  It’s a place my father calls “Paradise”, and I understand his pronouncement.  Anyone living on the Michigan side of the lake has picture after picture of the stunning sunsets just out the back door.  No need for filters, they are perfect as is.