I spent time this holiday with my sister and her husband on their farm in Kentucky.  It’s such beautiful country.  I took this on a drive to the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.  It was so lovely that I screamed at my sister to pull over so I could take a quick snap with my phone.  I really loved the trip!  I love my family… and I love the holidays!!!







I love my iPhone 5.  The things it does!!!  I use it for so many things apart from the phone.  The pictures alone are fabulous!







I bought this Monique Lhuillier silk and lace top.  I wore it over the holidays with a trouser-cut wide leg denim pant.  I loved the top when I first saw it at the Resort 2012 presentation!   It was a perfect casual holiday outfit!








I loved W’s 40th anniversary issue.  I know that was late last year…. but I had to mention it.  I read every page.







I love love love love love love Russ & Daughters.  I’m surprised it wasn’t on our first post (though Steak ‘n Shake is really tough to beat!).  Everyone there is so nice… and everything there is so delicious.  They ship anywhere in the country…. so I sent my Dad a care package for Christmas with the best smoked salmon… cream cheeses… bagels… chopped liver… pickled herring… on and on and on!








This brings me to the start of the year and the inevitable need to shed the extra padding acquired during the holidays.  I know that yoga has been around for centuries… it’s been quite popular in the States for years…. but I only started doing it a short number of months ago.  It’s just amazing the way your body can move, if you ask it nicely.







My first and foremost cold weather coat that I love is the Spiewak Artic Snorkel parka I’ve worn for over a decade.  My black one died a quick death after it got trampled at a bar in Budapest.  I’m on #2.  It’s fit for -45 degree weather, and I can happily report I’ve never been cold wearing it stomping around NYC.







So under the parka… Uniqlo cashmere.  A cardigan… an oversized men’s v-neck… a turtleneck… you name it, and you will find it at Uniqlo in any color you like.  I’m wearing a J+ navy cashmere cardigan as I type this!







Downton Abbey is some premiere TV.  I really love all the story lines, the characters, the costumes, etc.  It’s so much fun to watch!   Who doesn’t love it?






I loved Julianne Moore at the 2013 Golden Globes.  Everything she chose looked so elegant, chic, lovely, glamourous.  Perfect awards show attire!